www.artedifusion.com is a website created for the promotion and diffusion of cuban contemporary art. In this site we present internationally the artworks of the artists for sale in any country of the world.

We represent to cuban plastic artists of different techniques and disciplines, introducing to our catalog prestigious authors already stablished with a long carreer and international experience and incorporating new emerging artists with projection.

Professionals and experts specializing in cuban contemporary art collaborate with www.artedifusion.com, this gives us the opportunity to be informed about news and events that taking place around our artists on the national and international levels.

Our goal is to build a distribution channel for the promotion of their artworks, helping the creators to their artwork accessible to everyone everywhere in the world. We worked as intermediaries, covering their needs in communication and distribution of their artwork.

Our commitment is to spread the cuban contemporary art, creating a space for knowledge and approach to Cuban culture and the exchange of information in our society as a form of cohesion, integration and tolerance.