From April 5, until the beginning of next month, it will be open “Amulets”, personal exhibition of Harold Ferrer at Film Cultural Center Fresa y Chocolate. Coincide with the 15th ICAIC Young Show, which the artist has donated some of his works to become part of the Prizes will be awarded to participants of the show next April 10.

Framed in anthropological photography, Harold Ferrer presents ten works in a different style to the previous ones, starting a new stage where first used color, introduces new themes outpacing photography somewhat documentary to explore new styles of expression visual that they have more to do with painting.

A lawyer by profession, those who know their curriculum, they know that began to form his artistic concerns in the workshop Rocío García, then continued at the School of Creative Photography of Havana and courses at the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, UNEAC.

In 2015, he won the First Prize at the XV National Hall Religious Photography sponsored in Santiago de Cuba the Cultural and Missionary Animation San Antonio Maria Claret Center and in the same year was also awarded in the third edition of the annual contest Young on the lens, organized by the Center for Youth Studies.

Its curator Haydeé Valle Oliva, presents this exhibition mentioning in the catalog:

“Roland Barthes broke the object in three times: as a mediator between man and the world; as transmitter senses; and finally, the last journey, a kind of movement that will return the sign to function very particular way: the function gives birth sign, but this sign is turned into the spectacle of a function. And it is precisely at this moment of return, set dramatization of allegedly realities that Harold Ferrer believes in amulets. “

Affirming that this time, without classifications take hold, Ferrer forces us to re-look.

artedifusion Team