Harold Ferrer emerging Cuban artist who has already accumulated a large number of national and international awards, joins the catalog of www.artedifusion.com, joining a long list of prominent and established contemporary artists island art.

It shows a very personal work filled with a deep and special sensitivity thanks to its infinite patience and great tenacity, highlighting his work not only for its aesthetic result, but everything behind unseen and costs so much work and sacrifice capture.

No one better than the artist to describe his work from this platform we want to spread by sharing your talent with the public:

Photography to me, becomes communication. I have always assumed the image, as the possibility of perpetuating, hence the time is one of my creative springs. The timing of a picture, is one of the most unintelligible features. The brief moment of a photoshoot defines the complex visual text, which will become part of the larger universe that is photography.

Hence the human being: his conflicts, the condition of being, the body as identity front; the city as a unifying element, as a space for contact and multiple projections, are neuralgic focus of my work. Like history, that one we write in capital letters, in which the game and resizing of everyday life are thematic axes of great expressive possibilities.

Likewise the documentary image, never fortuitous, the constructed image, which is defined in the game, allow, in their cohabitation, expanding the boundaries of my creative universe. From one, the vision of a time or place, from another, the visual construction of the infinite, from both, the challenge of communicating.

The team www.artedifusion.com