TOMÁS INDA IN ARTEDIFUSIÓN, ARTIST AND TEACHER incorporates in its catalog Tomas Inda, Cuban photographer known not only for its artistic side, but for his work in the world of teaching from which propels photography and fosters love this art. Born in Havana in July 1952; degree in Electromechanical Engineering in the former USSR, in 1971 he studied aerial photography graduating in I.T.M. José Martí in Havana.

From 1991 to 2003 he worked as a specialist in Digital Photography, performing various scientific works, besides forming part of a research center for the development of software for digital image processing, during this period gives lectures on the subject in Cuban universities and several scientific institutions.

2003 is a turning point in his professional life, it is in this year when his career began in the world of teaching at the International Institute of Journalism “José Martí” of Havana, where he currently serves as a teacher and photographer, giving Photography and PhotoShop in courses, workshops and graduate students. He has taught both subjects in the I.S.D.I. and the Faculty of Communication at the University of Havana.

Tomás Inda is founder of The Photography Course Model of Havana, which has graduated more than seventy photographers during the past three years. He is a member of the UPEC and ACCS. and collaborates with various publications and websites.

He has made several solo exhibitions in Cuba, Mexico and Argentina, and has participated in various collective exhibitions in national and international areas.

Since 2011 he founded and chairs the School of Creative Photography of Havana (efch), with modest effort to boost Cuban photography, sharing all the knowledge and experiences of many years, surrounded by friends and collaborators.

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