Solo Exhibitions
Ceramic burner cartoonist and illustrator. Guadalupe was born in Las Villas. Cuba. In 1954.
He completed professional studies in:
               -School National Art, ENA, (1971-1974)
               Instituto Superior de Arte, ISA, (1982-1987)
               L Ecole Beaux Arts, Paris, France (1988-1989)
1976- “Zaida del Rio” prints. L Gallery, Havana. Cuba
             Narratives. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana. Cuba
1981- “Notes from our field.” Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana. Cuba
1982- “Prints and Drawings”. Gallery Angora. FONAPAS. Tabasco Mexico
          “Disease of Horses”. Havana Gallery. Havana. Cuba
1985- “Conversations”. Havana Gallery. Havana. Cuba
1987- “Prayers Popular”. Palacio de los Capitanes Generales. The Habana.Cuba
1988- “hunches”. Wilfredo Lam Center. Havana. Cuba
1989 “Dreams of Barcelona in the death of Dalí”. Gallery G. Barcelona Spain
          “About love”. Chanteaux Lormont, Bourdeaux. France

          “Feeding the skin.” Gallery Brothers. Paris. France

          “The Sign of the Angel”. Graphic International Centre. Rome. Italy
          “Recent Works”. Ninart Gallery. Mexico DF.
          “Another branch Fire”. Castillo de la Real Fuerza. Havana. Cuba
1992 “Registration Sayings”. Gallery Evasion. Sao Paulo. Brazil
Awards and Honors
“Crescent Moon”. La Acacia Gallery. Havana. Cuba
1993- “Drawings”. Gallery Via Larga. Florence, Italy
1994 “Day of Cuban Culture”. Personal experience in Martinique
1995 “Spring Collection”. Hotel England. Havana. Cuba
1996- “And why me”. Gallery-Studio trades. Havana. Cuba
1997 “Heart of Glass”. La Acacia Gallery. Havana. Cuba
           “The Arabian Passion”. Gallery Arab Union of Cuba. Havana. Cuba
           “Earth Bewitched”. University of Alcala de Henare. Madrid
           “Drawings and paintings”. Promo-Art Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
           “Paintings”. Contemporary Space. Sapporo-Hokkaido. Japan
           “Drawings and paintings”. Shizuoka Shimizu-gallery. Japan
1998 “Works on Paper”. Coven Gallery. San Pedro de Alcantara, Malaga. Spain
-Rituales 2001: photographs .Estudio_ Gallery. Job # 6.Habana Vieja.Cuba
2002 -Casas of Healing, The Acacia.La Habana.Cuba gallery.
2002 – Ephemeral Beings. Choreography RHY NEHART STORY CIRCLE .Celebration the parade, Cleveland, Ohio, US
2003-HAVANA 1791. Gallery of the Museum of the General Captains
2006 Queens of Hearts. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana Cuba
2008 – Be Flight. Museum of Modern Art in Cuenca, Ecuador.
2008 Samsara (tattoos series). Art House Malecon, Havana. Cuba
Indefinite-Worlds 2009. Enmarcarte Gallery, Costa Rica
2009- The great hypnotist. City Museum, Havana. Cuba
2009- Dance of the earth. Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi. India
2009- The Garden of the Virgin, Art Gallery Boulevard, Cienfuegos,
2010- Shiva.Casa Cosmic Dance of the Dawn, Havana Cuba
2010- Cuban Art. Brande Arts Oy. Finland
2011-Le Premier Randez-Vous, Triolet Pharmacy Museum
           Pharmacist, Matanzas.
2011- Recent works, UNEAC-Matanzas.
2012- My meditations on Diamond Way Buddhism. Gallery
          Collage Habana. Havana Cuba.
2013- Marinas. Origins gallery. Havana Cuba.
2013- Marinas. UNEAC Gallery of Matanzas. Havana Cuba.
1975 Second Prize of Engraving. National Hall Professors and Instructors of Arts Plásticas.La Habana.Cuba
Mention Hall Grabado.La 1976 Habana.Cuba
1979 Drawing Prize. National Exhibition of Plastic Arts UNEAC. The Habana.Cuba
1980 First Mention of Engraving. National Exhibition of Fine Arts. UNEAC 1980.La Habana.Cuba
1981 Drawing Prize. National Lounge Girón.La Habana.Cuba
1982 First Mention of Drawing. National Exhibition of Fine Arts. UNEAC 82.La Habana.Cuba
Lithography Prize 1984. Grabado.La National Meeting of Havana. Cuba
           Award Children’s Book Illustration. Havana. Cuba
Mention Lithography 1987. La Joven Estampa. Havana. Cuba
           Critics Award. Engraving Meeting 87.La Habana.Cuba
           Mention Hall UNEAC 87.La Habana.Cuba
1993 Gold Medal. Painting Prize. Cairo Biennial. Egypt
Prize Competition 1997 Wines WSP.La Habana.Cuba
1997-Painting Prize. Tenri Biennial. Japan
2001-Prize competition wines WSP.La Habana.Cuba
2004-Prize Pot Black Coral
2004-painting prize. Nicomedes Garcia Gomez Foundation.

1984-International Drawing Contest “Joan Miró”. Barcelona, ​​Spain
1997-Competition Facsonable. French menswear firm in Panama. Republic of Panama
1997-Competition of WSP wines. (Award) .The Habana.Cuba
2001-Contest of wines WSP. (Prize) .The Habana.Cuba


He has illustrated various magazines, books, poems, etc. among which we can mention:

”History of Juan Going” (Edin Uran) Publishing House of the Americas, Havana, Cuba.
”You are the guilty.” Youth Poetry Anthology Cubana. Editora Abril, 1985.La Habana.Cuba
”The Rite of Spring”. Alejo Carpentier. Editorial Letras Cubanas, 1987.La Habana.Cuba
”Horse Fever”. Leonardo Padura. Editorial Letras Cubanas, 1987.La Habana.Cuba
”Map of Time”. Poems by Miguel Barnet. Editorial Letras Cubanas, 1987.La Habana.Cuba
”Tocororo feathers”. Narcisi poems Massimo, Rome
”Four Cuban poets”. Anthology, Caracas, Venezuela, 1988
”Round charms.” Poems of Pablo Armando Fernandez, Rome, 1989
”Periolibros UNESCO”. Augusto Roa Bastos, in June 1994.
”Heritage Classic” religious Prayers populares.1995, La Habana.Cuba
”Spring Collection”. Hotel Inglaterra, Havana. Cuba
”Agenda 1996″. Ilustrados.La poems and drawings Habana.Cuba
”Love without papers”. Victor Casaus, Editorial Letras Cubanas, 1997.La Habana.Cuba
¨ ¨ Sad Veranillo Germán ram, Ediciones Mundo Amigo Colecc. Vidya 1998, Mexico
¨ ¨ Nicolas Guillen Poetry Anthology, 2001.La Habana.Cuba
Altos de La Mina ¨ ¨ Poems and Drawings, Zaida del Rio, Pontoon Caribbean Editions, 2004, Cuba
¨ ¨ Financial CIMEX Annual Report, 2006, Havana, Cuba
¨ The Wolf, the forest and the new man, Senel Paz, 2007, Cuba
¨ ¨ Sunset Dragons and Roman L. Perez, Editorial Letras Cubanas, 2007, Cuba
Imaginary Heaven ¨ ¨ Ariel Poems of Siegfried, Editorial Letras Cubanas, 2008, Havana, Cuba
¨ ¨ Country Magic Handmade, Ediciones Vigía, 2009, Matanzas, Cuba


His work has participated in all editions of the Havana Biennial. He has also participated in:
Prints Biennial, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Biennial of Cuenca, Ecuador, 1991
Biennial of Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1991
Biennial Cairo, Egypt, 1993
Biennial of the Caribbean, Santo Domingo, 1994
Biennial Tenri, Japan, 1998


Roads, conducted by Mario Crespo, ICAIC.La Habana.Cuba
Zaida, by Niurka Pérez, Trimagen .The Habana.Cuba
Creature Isle, 1994 by Wendy Guerra, Superior Institute of Arte.La Habana.Cuba
Video Art, conducted by Roberto Chile, 1996.La Habana.Cuba

Awards to Zaida Videos

”Zaida”, 1994, DTRA. : Niurka Pérez, Trimagen. The Habana.Cuba
”Cine Plaza 94″ .The Habana.Cuba
”Snail 94″ .The Habana.Cuba
National Movement 1995.La Habana.Cuba Video Award, eighth meeting
UNESCO Grand Prize, Festival director, videographer and teleasta, Quito, Ecuador, 1994
Cultural Centre “decapitated” Guayasamín Foundation
Hunter Colleger New York, Live Gallery (Cuban Art).
1994 Mariposa, Havana, Cuba Award

Illustration Covers CD

Seed collection are, Arsenio Rodriguez Cover, Animal-Turs Company. Spain
Lecuona and interpreters, Night Blue, editorial EGREM.La Habana.Cuba
20, Maria Teresa Vera, editorial EGREM. The Habana.Cuba
Cuban Mass dedicated to Our Lady of Charity, composed by José María Vitier (1997) .The Habana.Cuba
Series 4 CD Orquesta America (Bolero, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Danzon). Diskero Seal, Gold Tumi collection. Bis Music (1997) .The Habana.Cuba.
CD ROM, Zaida del Rio Bis Music (1999), Havana, Cuba

National Ballet from Cuba

It was included in the “Book of Honor” of the Gran Teatro de La Habana, on the relevant issue for the year 1995, the world premiere of Terribly Innocent, event of great impact on the Cuban cultural sphere, where they joined effectively choreographic values and plastic and the stage presence of the artist Zaida del Río
Making Curtain for the Ballet “Threshold” by Alicia Alonso premiered in July 2000.La Habana.Cuba

Decorations Murals

Restaurant “Tocororo” Milan Italy (1997).
 Triad (1999). Interior Acrylic on wall (44 mx 6 m high). Bank headquarters.
Financial International. Havana. Cuba.
The Gifts of the City (2000). Interior Acrylic on wall (8 mx 6 m high). Provincial Library Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba
New Words (2002) TM / fabric (9m x 5m) .University State of California, LA, CAEU
The Breath of grass. (2002) Ceramic. (3m x 1.50 m) Municipal Hospital Remedios, Villa Clara, Cuba
Celestial Games (2002) .Cerámica (2.40 x 7.30) .The Fernandez Elementary School Cesaro Habana.Cuba
Bungalow Zaida del Río (2003) Cayo Santa Maria, Villa Clara, Cuba
The life flowers (2007). Ceramics (3,71cm x 1.27 cm) CENSAM Hospital, Havana, Cuba


2003 Distinction of the Gran Caribe hotel group
CIMEX 2003 Distinction for the contribution on Black Coral jewelry
2006-The giraldilla Havana. Awarded by the Provincial Assembly
Curlew 2006 Award from the City of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, Cuba
2007 Delivery Board and Diploma by the Museum of Man, Guayasamin Foundation Quito, Ecuador
Distinction 2008 Distinguished Daughter ¨ ¨ City of Remedios, Municipal Assembly of Popular Power Remedios, Villa Clara
2010- Seal awarded by the City of Cienfuegos, Cuba


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