The Spanish critic Antonio Zayas once warned that the work of Sándor González was like the antidote to cure was made but its essence was the poison. The truth is that the work of Sándor seems to tear us so deep and ontological their proposals. And an artist achieves undress before all, is not easy to accept. That is the poison and the antidote of his creations, sometimes representing cities in ruins, and sometimes megaconstructions that stand in an industrialized city. In them the human being is an allegory of life that persists in the tiniest conditions, aided only by a staircase that becomes an extension of your feelings. In works of various formats and techniques (drawing, painting, collage, installation, video art), the artist creates and recreates spaces discursan on the dichotomy between the natural, the preset without human intervention, and man-made. Faced with the changes facing contemporary societies, the proposal Sándor González is, without doubt, a stop along the way, a criticism of the uprooting, destruction and the dizzying changes that, in many cases, are detrimental to the human being . However, one thing stands in sight: in each of these proposals life looks with its crushing weight and rejuvenating. If we were able to notice this fact, we would understand much better what needs Sándor us, as we expected in the most remote places of the imagination, while causing us. All this without falling into snobbery or paraphernalia that usually accompanies false demiurges contemporaries. Everything, in short, as a possible promising symbiosis, in the shadows of a city that is yours.

Claudia Gonzalez Machado

Sándor González Vilar (1977, Havana)
Graduated of Fine Arts, specializing in engraving in the “San Alejandro” Academy of Fine Arts in 1997-2000. In this institution, he served as director of the Gallery “José A. Díaz Peláez” (2000-2003), as professor of the Drawing and Latin American Departments (2003-2004) and as a member of the Drawing Jury (2007-2010).
Founder of the first submarine gallery in Cuba “TRANSÚNTES”. 2014.
He practices the submarine painting since 2014 and works the videoarts.
Member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and “Hermanos Saíz” Association.
Creator and director of “Transeúntes” (Transients) Gallery in 2007.
Founder of the artistic Brigade “Martha Machado” in 2008.
He practices the art of tattooing since 1993.
He has more than 47 solo exhibitions, including… Alone at last (Maqueta de La Habana, 2000), Toros y Salsa Festival (Art Gallery of Dax in France, 2000). Transients (Palace of the General Captains, Havana, 2002), In Black and White (Gallery Ignacio de Lassaletta, Barcelona, ​​2004), Cuban Painting: Sándor González (ARXIU Art Museum, SantAndreu de Llavaneres, Barcelona, ​​2006). Sándor González Vilar (N2 Gallery, Barcelona, ​​2006 , N3 Gallery , Madrid, 2006, Gallery Adaptaciod’Espais, Zaragoza, Spain, 2007), Exercises…(Gallery of the Provincial Library “Ruben Martínez Villena”, Office of the Historian of Havana, 2007), I’ll wait sitting…(Restaurant “El Templete”, Havana, 2008), Lights and Shadows (PREVOTE Gallery, Aix de Provence, 2009), Shadows of a city (Hotel Habana Riviera, Havana, 2011), Aunque la vistan de cera… (XI Havana Biennial, San Alejandro Art Academy, 2012) and 11 years is nothing (because of the 11th. anniversary of magazine Jiribilla, Havana, 2012).
He has participated in 148 group exhibitions, both in Cuba and abroad.
He has also participated in the creation of more than 56 artistic murals along the major figures of Cuban art, among which is the Ark of Liberty, located in the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba.
He has taken part in performing multiple sets and illustrated magazines, designed album covers, textile designs and posters.
His work has been present in films such as Linha de Passe (Walter Salles, Brazil, 2007), The Annunciation (Enrique Pineda Barnet, Cuba, 2008) and Casa Vieja by Lester Hamlet (2009), among others.
He has been invited to participate in many national and international events such as the Fair of Contemporary Art in Toronto (2005), the World Festival of Youth and Students, Caracas (2005), the Cumbre de los Pueblos, Mar del Plata (2005) and (Panama) 2015, the Contemporary Art Fair ARCO (2004, 2005, 2006, Madrid), IX , X, XI and XII Biennial of Havana (2007, 2009, 2012 and 2015). Contemporary Art Fair, FIART, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2009, 2010), World Festival of Youth and Students, South Africa (2010), Helsinki Art Fair (2011, Finland) and X International Festival of Poor Cinema, Gibara (2012). He is part of the Artistic Tour at Cuban prisons “From Point to Cape Island” (2011- 2012, Cuba). Beijing Art Fair (2013, China). Shanja Art Fair (2013, China). Shanghai Art Fair (2014, China)

He is currently working on “Cuba in 3D” project, which will bring the 3D cinema technology to the most remote parts of the Cuban island.


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