Choco, artistic name of prominent Cuban painter and engraver Eduardo Roca Salazar. It is a leading plastic artist of world renown. Member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), the experimental Graphic Workshop Havana (TEGH) and the International Association of Artists (IAA).

Born on October 13, 1949. He studied at the School of Arts Instructors and the National School of Art. He graduated from BA in History of Art at the University of Havana. He has made an important teaching in institutions of the specialty in Cuba and Spain. His work is exhibited in museums and galleries around the world as Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Cuba; Africa Museum, Chicago, USA; Print Museum, Mexico City; Museum Kochi, Japan; , Miró, Palma de Mallorca, Spain Foundation Private Collection Caesar Gaviria in Colombia and institutions in Sweden.

Santiago de Cuba 1949

– Graduated from the School of Art Instructors, 1963
– Graduated from the National School of Art, 1970
– He studied at the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Havana
– He is a member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), the Taller Experimental de Grafica in Havana and the International Association of Plastic Artists (AIAP)


1973 – Integra the Department of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of San Alejandro.
1978 – Integra the Department of painting at the National School of Art.
1989 – teaches printmaking course in Galicia, New People’s University of Villa, Arosa, Spain.
1994 – collagraph teaches courses in Joan Miró, Palma de Mallorca, Spain Foundation.
1999 – Worked in Graphics Brandywine Workshop, Philadelphia and Afro-Cuban
Contemporary Graphic Art, The Kennedy Center, Washington, USA.


1976 – Gallery East, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.
1980 – Gallery Old Town, Stockholm, Sweden.
1981 – Mission Gallery, San Francisco, USA.
1982 – Art Gallery Engraving Francisco Javier Baez, Cathedral Square, Havana, Cuba.
1987 – House of the Pyramids, DF, Mexico Culture.
          – Galeria Plaza Vieja, Cuban Fund of Cultural Goods, Havana, Cuba.
1989 – Provincial Hall of the Palace of Málaga, Spain.
1992 – International Press Center, Havana, Cuba.
          – Museum of Prints, DF, Mexico.
          – House of Culture Reyes Heroics, DF, Mexico.
          – Gallery Pedro Domecq, DF, Mexico.
1993 – Gallery Alonso, Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia.
1994 – Joan Miró Foundation, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
1995 – Atlantic Gallery, La Coruna, Galicia, Spain.
          – Medieval Gallery, Fuenterrabia, San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain.
1996 – Museum of Fine Arts in Tokyo, Japan.
          – Castillo Sotomayor, Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain.
1997 – Yokohama Museum, Tokyo, Japan.
1998 – Majadahonda Gallery, Cultural Center Pablo de la Torriente Brau, Havana, Cuba.
1999 – Promo-Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
          – La Acacia Gallery, avoiding roads Havana, Cuba.
          – Latin American Gallery, House of the Americas, Havana, Cuba.
2000 – Promo-Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
          – Paris Gallery, Yokohama, Japan
2001 – Choco … late. José Martí Memorial, Havana, Cuba
          – Cuban Styles. Somart Gallery, San Francisco, USA
          – Cuban Styles. Ira Pinto Gallery, Washington DC, USA
          – At the Edge of the Millennium. Museum of the Americas, San Juan, Puerto Rico
          – Paintings and Prints, Llucmajor, Mallorca, Spain
2002 – Cuba on the graph. Museum shop Erastus Cortés, Puebla, Mexico
2003 – The Breath of Life. Centro de Cultura Casa Lamm, Mexico City, Mexico
2004 – range of possibilities, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana, Cuba
2005 – “Choco” cultural center Infanta Cristina, Pinto, Madrid, Spain
2007 – range of possibilities, Chambers Gallery, London, England
2010 – Beyond the edge, Villa Manuela Gallery, Havana, Cuba
          – Cuban Avant Garde, Beijing, China
2012 – Fragments of the sun, multicultural arts center, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
          – Textures wordless Biennial of Havana, Cuba
          – 40 years recorded in Cuba, Cuban Art Space, New York, United States
          – VIVA BALL, customs Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, Museum Zenu Museum
            Bolivar, Centro Cultural Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Colombia
          – Confluence, Baja California, United States
          -AB Εt C, room brawl, National Hotel, Havana, Cuba

2013 – Fragments of the sun, Gallery Fire House, New Jersey. United States


He has had numerous exhibitions in: Cuba, India, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Canada, Angola, Vietnam. USSR. Peru, Denmark, USA, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan and Dominica Republic.


His works are in National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba; Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau, Havana, Cuba; Africa Museum, Chicago, USA; Print Museum, DF Mexico; Museum of Queretaro, Mexico; Joan Miró Foundation, Palma de Mallorca, Spain; , Ludwig Foundation, Germany Museum of Tama University, Japan; Franco Gallery, Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia. Kochy Museum, Japan.


1976 – First Mention of Engraving, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.
1977 – First Prize of Engraving, National Exhibition of Youth, Havana, Cuba.
          First Prize for Painting, National Exhibition of Youth, Havana, Cuba.
1978 – First Prize for Drawing FAR, Havana, Cuba.
1981 – Medal of Honor in the Hall of Graphic Bulgaria.
         – First Prize Hall UNEAC, Havana, Cuba.
1984 – First Prize in Small Format Engraving Contest in Orense,
           Galicia, Spain.
1985 – First Prize for Drawing, UNEAC, Havana, Cuba.
1986 – First Prize for Drawing, UNEAC, Cuba.
1999 – Grand Prix IV International Print Triennial, Kochy, Japan.


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