Photography to me, becomes communication. I have always assumed the image, as the possibility of perpetuating, hence the time is one of my creative springs. The timing of a picture, is one of the most unintelligible features. The brief moment of a photoshoot defines the complex visual text, which will become part of the larger universe that is photography.
Hence the human being: his conflicts, the condition of being, the body as identity front; the city as a unifying element, as a space for contact and multiple projections, are neuralgic focus of my work. Like history, that one we write in capital letters, in which the game and resizing of everyday life are thematic axes of great expressive possibilities.
Likewise the documentary image, never fortuitous, the constructed image, which is defined in the game, allow, in their cohabitation, expanding the boundaries of my creative universe. From one, the vision of a time or place, from another, the visual construction of the infinite, from both, the challenge of communicating.

Graduate from Workshop “Alternative Photographic Processes”, Historical Photo Library of the Office of the Historian, 2015.
Graduate from Photography Workshop of UNEAC (seventh edition), 2014.
Graduate from Creative Photography School of Havana, 2013.
Graduate from Development Workshop Rocio Garcia, Los Fauves, San Alejandro Academy, 2011.
National Prize of Plastic Arts Fayad Jamis, 2015
Second International Digital Photography Competition Prize Alvaro Noboa, organized by the Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2015.
First prize photographic series, the Youth Competition in Lens, Study Center for Youth, 2015.
Grand Prix Provincial Hall Ciudad sin límite. Commemoration of the 495 anniversary of the city, 2014
Special Award of the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro Provincial Hall, Ciudad sin límite, 2014
Mention Provincial Hall, Ciudad sin límite, 2014
First Prize XV International Exhibition of Religious Art, Santiago de Cuba 2014
Collateral Prize, Office of the Curator of the City of Santiago, XV International Exhibition of Religious Art, 2014
Collateral award, Pastoral Institute Serrantes Perez, XV International Exhibition of Religious Art, 2014
First Prize Second Edition Lens art competition organized by the National Heritage Office and the Association of Architects and Engineers of Cuba, 2014
I mention special edition of the artistic lens contest, organized by the Office of National Heritage and the Association of Architects and Engineers of Cuba, 2013
Personal exposition Ciudad de Fe, Carmen Montilla Gallery, 2015.
Personal exposition Jaque Mate, Hotel Tryp Habana Libre, 2015
Group Exhibition Todo Incluido Cuban Art Factory, 2015.
Collective Exhibition Alfredo Saravia in memorian Hall, 2015.
National Exhibition of Fine Arts Fayad Jamis, Arab Association of Cuba, 2015
Group Exhibition Entre narraciones y metáforas del rito, Luz y Oficio Gallery, 2015
Group Exhibition, Re-tratos, Ambos Mundos Hotel Gallery, Quinqué Project, 2015
I Alvaro Noboa Biennale of Digital Photography, Luis Noboa Naranjo Museum, Ecuador, 2015
Group exhibition Diálogo 28, Fresa y Chocolate Gallery, 2015
XV Hall of Religious Art, Cultural Center Maria Claret Gallery, Santiago de Cuba, 2014
Provincial Hall Exhibition Ciudad sin límites, La Moderna Gallery, 2014
Group exhibition Lente artístico II Edition, Taganana Hall Hotel Nacional de Cuba, 2014.
Group exhibition Esto es una exposición, November Photographic Symposium closing, Plaza Vieja (happening) 2014
Group exhibition Mi Habana de siempre, Miramar Trade Center, 2014
Group exhibition De lo imaginario a lo simbólico, Pablo de la Torriente Center, 2014
Collective exhibition Poesía en el lente, Carpentier Hall, Morro Cabaña Complex, XIII International Book Fair 2014
Group Exhibition Mi Habana, Expo-Cuba, National Culture Day, 2014
Collective exhibition A la sombra de mi bandera, Cuba Pavilion (facility), 2014
Group Exhibition Palmas y Olivos, House of Spain. 2014
International Exhibition Los sueños del alma, Fototeca de Cuba, November Photographic (facility), 2013
Group Exhibition Lente Artístico, Hotel Riviera, 2013
Group Exhibition Habana foto Street, Felix Arencibia Gallery, 2013
Provincial Hall Ciudad sin límites, La Moderna Gallery, 2013.


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