Luis Cabrera, Pepe Herrera, Ruben Rodriguez and Carlos Garcia figures symbolize reaching relief for the first time in the 80s … No matter the geographic location of each of us at that moment, that we all agree to be islands, as our native island, we identify with it even in the distance, taking over in the manner of a portable universe, also intertwined with the idiosyncrasies of our countrymen – could not be otherwise with the horizon and the open mind of our people, it seem to us, paradise intensely connected to the rest of humanity that between 1959 and 1965 completely breaks with the parochialism becoming a universal benchmark in the political, artistic and sports ground and were already musically.
… Ruben Rodriguez triumphs in eroticism, one poeticised sensuality desired body as its central metaphor, which has much to do with neo-expressionism …
… Ruben Rodriguez is the look that goes from outside to inside, the creative spirit of the desired body. Intensity and visual explosion and endless sensations to drawn shapes sometimes biting and other caressing the paper fiber and skin covered bodies. Mulled, senses touch and covered by a lingering look. Ruben’s work is sensual and erotic. Their forms are marked by the desire Expressionists and sung poetry.

Aldo Menendez, Miami, 2009

Graduated from the Provincial School of Plastic Arts of the Villas, 1975.
He graduated from the National School of Plastic Arts in Havana, 1980.
Experimental Workshop founder of Artistic Silkscreen René Portocarrero.
Professor of the chair of Engraving Art Institute.
Order for National Culture.
Artistic Merit Diploma.

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Mention First Erotic Art Salon 2000. Havana. Cuba.


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