When I use circus themes and transformed with an expressive purpose, I do not intend to make this show chronicles illustrative. On the contrary, I try to relate, through parody and irony, their environments and representations of historical events and everyday reality, then the circus is a habitat or “field” symbolic universal situations where development and combine characters they can be both real and imagined, past or present, here or there, dramatic and comic … Within this topic there are other emanating from my artistic concerns: the relationship between life and death, manipulated by man power, the spirit of freedom and war, the parallels between different periods and the inevitable decay of earthly “gods”.
Gecer López García

September 1, 1984 in Sagua La Grande, Villa Clara, Cuba
Studies and diplomas
1999-2003: Academy of Fine Arts in Havana “San Alejandro”
(Gold Diploma in studying painting and engraving.
2004-2009: Faculty of Fine Arts Institute of Higher Arts of Cuba.
                  (Gold Diploma in contemporary art studies
Professional Activities
Personal exhibitions:
Major World show go. Development Center for the Visual Arts. Havana. 2009
1789: the eternal tent. Gallery “Hispanic Alliance”. Madrid, 2008
Le Cirque du Bonheur. On the occasion of the Week of the Francophonie. French Alliance in Havana. Havana. 2005
Circonstancias. René Portocarrero Gallery. National Theater of Cuba. Havana. 2003
He has participated in the following exhibitions:
Hall of expressionism tribute to Antoria Eiriz, La Habana, 2012
I commend exhibition Sacrifice. Santiago de Cuba, 2012
Retrospective stored in the memory, for the 35th anniversary of the founding of the ISA. Visual Arts Faculty of the Higher Institute of Art. Havana Biennial, 2012
Boomerang exposure. Academy “San Alejandro”, Havana, 2011
Exposure recorded concert. Gallery Ruben Martinez Villena Library, Havana, 2010
Exhibition on good authority. “Mall Galleries Guadalajara”. Mexico, 2010
Video La Marche de l’Homme (d’après Etienne-Jules Marey) is used in the work area-Body Dance Company Combinatorial Rosario Cardenas. Havana, March 2010
Bye Bye Gilles Polaroid Ouaki. “Wharf” (Centre d’Art Contemporain in Basse-Normandie). France. 2009
The Fool on the Hill. Gallery “Villa Manuela”. Havana. 2009
Built situation. Video projection and performance. School of Plastic Arts of Higher Art Institute of Cuba. Havana. 2007
Art Salon 2006. Ibero-American “American University Museum, Katzen Art Center Third Floor Dr. Joann Crisp-Ellert Gallery.” Washington DC United States. 2006
Son Cat … Exhibition at the gallery “El Morro Castle”. Havana. 2006
Video-projection in a range pull and tug well. Ninth Havana Biennial. 2006
Travelling exhibition in the eye of the Raven, organized by Taller Experimental de Grafica in Havana. Guayasamin House. Havana. 2005-2006
Exhibition to mark the anniversary of the Experimental Graphic Shop of Havana. Guayasamin House. Havana. 2005
The art exhibition of appropriation. Servando gallery. Havana. 2005
Traveling exhibition with some color (Homage to Alejo Carpentier) conceived by the Experimental Graphic Workshop Havana. 2004
Date with Angels traveling exhibition organized by the “School of Visual Arts” in New York. United States. 2004-2009
Engraving Meeting. Wilfredo Lam Center. Havana. 2004
Exhibition Homage to July 14. Napoleonic Museum. Havana. 2004
Two drawings of the famous actress Ludivine Sagnier is in one of the websites of the personality of the film. 2004
Collective exhibition More than forty years of lithography. Experimental Graphic Shop of Havana. 2003
Exhibition Made in Krause. Gallery Printing Office. Provincial Art Center. Plast. Havana. 2003
They recorded five exhibition. Diago Gallery. The big house. Havana. 2003
My rights are … exposure Teatro Astral. Havana. 2002
Exhibition Allegory of an old engraving roller students “San Alejandro” Mella Theater. Havana. 2002
Displays on the occasion of 184 anniversary of “San Alejandro”. Havana. 2002
Exhibition Homage to Belkis Ayon. Gallery 23 and C, the Experimental Art Center. Plast. “J. A. Diaz Pelaez “. Havana. 2002
New Ink display. Gallery L. Havana. 2001
Academic. School “San Alejandro”. Havana. 2001

Referecias his work
Stéphane Bussard. Article for the newspaper Le Temps of Geneva. 2007
David Mateo. “Geçer Lopez. 1789: the eternal tent “. Cuban Art News No. 3, Year 9. Havana. 2008
Some of his works are in collections in the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Mexico and Peru.


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