Within this particular folk tradition of assimilating foreign codes and recombine, I use images taken mostly from the Middle Ages with all its bumps and trastazos, texts of the most diverse backgrounds and everyday objects to build my works. Text – – Image conjunction emphasizes object and / or extending the different nuances of speech, sometimes the text works as paratext as communicating vessel that reveals the playful maze of the proposal. The parodic nod built between what is said and plotted.

In medieval icons to manipulate, emptied of their original function but without underestimating the semantic accumulated, I emphasize the deterioration, the atmosphere, the time, the latter topic I intend to trap in different ways in my work. Dialogue with a profane and current reality, often by way of humor end up giving rise to an atmosphere of desacralizadores anachronisms, a resource that was part of the early Cuban idiosyncrasy.

Rather than playing the game with my own work with the receptor and its ability to be naive, intelligent, educated, popular, passive, active, open or “kuadrao”.

Angel M. Ramírez Roque – Havana, 1954

Angel Ramirez’s art is recognizable by its clear and precise iconoclastic sagacity. Using recycled objects, text and images, many taken from medieval times, he builds a language that reveals daily life in Cuba today. Facing his paintings and prints it is impossible not to smile — and become thoughtful. Splendid images, sometimes accompanied by text or words bring to the fore his talent, intelligence, sense of humor and use of sarcasm which all work together to produce the visual poetry that defines his work. His work is part of important private art collectors and museums all over the world.
1982 Graduated Superior Institute of Art, ISA, Havana, Cuba
1977 Graduated of National School of Art, Havana, Cuba


3rd Award in 1st Graphic Biennale. Argentina
National Culture Award, Cuba
Biannual Criticizes Award, UNEAC, Cuba
1st Award in Latino American and Caribbean Graphic Biennale San Juan, Puerto Rico
Asociación Hermanos Saíz Award, Havana, Cuba
Saloon’s City Award, Havana, Cuba

Public Collections

Fine Arts National Museum, Havana, Cuba
National Graphic Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Culture Institute of Puerto Rico, San Juan Puerto Rico
Van Reekum Museum, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca, Spain
Algården artist workshops and Gallery, Borås, Sweden
Collection Press Kit LTD. Tokyo Japan
San Francisco’s Church. Historian’s City Office. Havana. Cuba
Contemporary Cuban Art Museum, Vienna, Austria

International teaching work

1999 – International Graphic work shop “La Huella Múltiple”. ISA. Havana. Cuba
1998 – Graphic Work Shop in Huelva Art Museum. Spain
1996, 1998, 2004 – Work Shop, Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca, Spain
1993 – Lithography Work Shop – Associated Graphic Artist’s Work Shop, Caracas, Venezuela
1991 – “Three-dimensional Graphic”, Armando Reberon’s Institute, Caracas Venezuela


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